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Advanced Matching and Deduplication through Contact Zone
Got fuzzy duplicates? Nicknames? Unstandardized addresses? Different date formats? Even varying company names? Up to 10% of the average database consists of duplicate records. Find out how to detect, eliminate and consolidate duplicates in just a few easy steps.

Moving Beyond Simple Data Cleansing: Full Contact Data Quality with Contact Zone

Learn about full contact data quality using Contact Zone and its revolutionary approach that looks beyond the mere validation of individual data fields.

Salesforce Data Cleaning Using Contact Zone

Learn how to use Contact Zone to clean and dedupe your leads, accounts, and other contacts in a Salesforce database.

Contact Zone Overview Video
Melissa Data’s Contact Zone is powerful data quality software that connects to virtually any database. To see how easily Contact Zone will have you up and running - cleaning, updating, enriching and consolidating contact data, please watch the video below.

Data Integration and Data Quality with Contact Zone

Learn how to connect to different data sources such as SQL Server and Flat Files; export data from one source to another; merge files; perform data quality within the merging process; and much more!


International Address Validation with Contact Zone

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